Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sheepdog 101: Do you...

There are times that I over-think things... well... I pretty much over-think everything... all the time.  The redheaded gal who married me says, "he's not an optimist or a pessimist, he's an analyst... which at times sounds like a pessimist... until you realize he's doing it for all the right reasons... in his mind."

I do try to maintain balance in life... between family and work... between being prepared and being paranoid... between living life and being consumed by it.  I'm methodical and meticulous, but I don't think I'm obsessive... wait... the gals are laughing out loud in the background as I typed those last few words.

OK, so maybe I am a little obsessive about things... but you won't find a compound built from shipping containers around here... well, maybe a bunker.  I guess the point of all this is to ask some questions of you folks that I've asked myself... maybe to start a conversation... maybe to learn... and always to analyze... and mostly because my dog Ruger is tired of listening to me theorize and hypothesize... so with that being said... Do you...

Do you carry your firearm at home?
Do you have a firearm ready at hand while you're at home?
Do you lock your doors while you're at home? During the day? During the night?
Do you have a fire plan?
Do you have a tornado plan?
Do you have an intruder plan?
Do you practice your plans?
Do you have food stored for you and your family? For a week? For a year?
Do you have preparations for an extended electrical outage?
Do you have an alarm system?
Do you have a safe room?
Do you practice shooting regularly? Self-defense? Making a fire?
Do you have alternative methods of communication?
Do you have a Bug Out Bag?
Do you have emergency supplies in your car? At work?
Do you have your spouse, significant other, and kids trained for an emergency?
Do you have medical supplies on hand?
Do you know your neighbors?
Do you run your vehicle below a 1/4th of a tank of fuel before filling up?
Do you have some cash tucked away and accessible if the banks are closed?
Do you have silver and gold coins or bullion tucked away?
Do you have adequate ammunition and parts for your guns?
Do you read something of substance each day?
Do you know how to physically defend yourself?
Do you have a plan for water besides the faucet in your sink?
Do you make time for your family? With them... not watching them like at soccer.
Do you check your vehicles' oil and tire pressure at least weekly?
Do you give your vehicle the "walk-a-round" before you get in and drive off?
Do you have a second mode of transportation besides your main vehicle?
Do you carry a back-up gun?
Do you know at least three different ways to get home from work? school? town?
Do you have any regulary used medications stocked up?
Do you have an extra set of eye-glasses that are current in prescription?
Do you take opportunities to learn like training classes or other education regulalry?
Do you save a portion of your income for emergencies?
Do you really need ______ or whatever it is you're about to buy?
Do you take time for you?
Do you have an activity that your entire family participates in regularly?
Do you have a dog?
Do you have reinforced deadbolt locks on your doors?
Do you have a substantial gun safe? (substantial as in construction, not size)
Do you have smoke detectors? Fire extinguishers? Carbon-monoxide detectors?
Do you know how to tie knots?
Do you know God?
Do you conceal carry while shooting your rifle at the gun club or shooting range?
Do you carry a knife?
Do you have kids who know what to do if grabbed or attacked?
Do you have an attorney?
Do you know what poison ivy and poison oak look like?
Do you have a flashlight handy?
Do you know how to use a compass?
Do you have and know how to read and use maps?

Well, I guess that's enough for now... I'll have to get back on the John Deere tractor and mow some more... as that is some of my best thinkin' time... just like plowing and working ground was when I was growing up. Do you carry you gun while doing yard work?  Ooops... couldn't help myself.

So, the primary question you need to think about from this lesson in Sheepdog 101: Do you...


  1. Lol, I have been told many a times I think to much. It's not all bad:)

    Great questions and I am happy to say I have thought about almost all of these.

  2. That's a lot of 'do yous', but I have most of them covered.

  3. One thing I've managed to avoid so far in life is being accused of thinking too much. Well....could probably shorten that and say I've never really been accused of thinking. Period.

    Good food for thought, though!

  4. Yes to all.

  5. Great post - came across your site via link from Tam. Good stuff! Will add you to my daily reads!

  6. @Jason... thanks, glad you visited...

    Dann in Ohio

  7. Wow...99% of those were good to go but I DO need to get the compass work done soon...