Friday, May 4, 2012

CRKT Eat'N Tool

We're continually updating our prepping plans, stores, and gear.  Over the years, the contents of our Bug-Out-Bags (B.O.B.s) have changed and evolved to reduce weight and provide more workable options and anytime we can find one tool that does the jobs of several, it gets a thorough lookin' over.

We added some CRKT Eat'N Tools to the B.O.B.s well over a year ago and I've been carrying one with my Maxpedition Jumbo VersiPack... which is my go-to, every-day, man-bag I've had for about four years.

The CRKT Eat'N Tool is made from stainless steel, has a variety of functions including sporkin', bottle-openin', wrenchin', screwdriv'n, and pryin' or diggin'.  It's small, light-weight, comes with a caribiner to attach to your gear, and has a big ol' finger or thumb hole in the middle which really helps in using it since it isn't a very long tool.  We've found that even though it lacks a knife blade, the wide-tipped screwdriver works well for cuttin' through your grub.

It's light-weight, but maybe not as light as some of the titanium options out there... then again... you can find them for six to eight bucks online and they also come in black for those of you who eat while you're goin' tactical.  So if you're tired of eatin' with your fingers while you're campin' or buggin' out...

You might want to consider a... CRKT Eat'N Tool.


  1. I frequently toss one in my cargo pants pocket. Used spoon and bottle opener.

  2. Now, THAT is an awesome lookin' critter! Gonna have to update my Christmas list again...