Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facebook... we'll see how it goes...

Bloggin' is something I really enjoy... it's relaxing, fun, and I've met and been acquainted with a lot of good folks out here in the blogosphere.  Usually, I try to post a couple of times each week, because I enjoy my God, Gals, Guns, and Grub far too much to let this bloggin' thing become to much like work. 

Sometimes I have a quick thought or an interesting link I come across, but the blogosphere is filled with folks keepin' us up on the day-to-day news and affairs of this third rock from the sun... so I'm going to try supplementing the blog with a Facebook page.

We'll see how it goes... if it's a value-added fun sort of thing... we'll keep it... if not... well, we'll just recycle those electrons.  The plan is to keep the blog the main thing... but maybe the Facebook page will allow a little more conversation.

So... Facebook... we'll see how it goes...

1 comment:

  1. Yep, me too. On my blog I write the big "dramatic" posts and FB is more light hearted quick things.

    I''ll stop by.