Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Five-Bucks: Plastic Fork Target Stands

If you're looking for an inexpensive target stand to test your marksmanship skills, use with your 4H Shooting Sports kids, or you want to test your skills as a sniper... you just can't beat the plastic fork target stand.  While you can use note cards for targets and even stick on a three-inch Shoot-n-See target, don't forget 4x6 pics of the jerk who dumped you or a local zombie photo work well too (remember, no people or human-form silhouettes for 4H Shooting Sports).  My gals like to play card games.

You can play your own version of Black-Jack or Five-Card-Stud, call for a card in Go Fish, or just shoot for the high score.  

Sometimes we just stick the forks in the ground, or in the crack of an old fence post.  If you want to be a little more formal about it, you can build a wood base... get an eight-foot piece of the female APC White Ceiling Grid Component from Lowe's or Home Depot.  Individual pieces are about five-bucks, tack it down to an old board, and stick a fork in it - you're done!  We cut our boards to about thirty-two inch lengths (that's three from an eight-footer).

If you want to test the sniper inside of you, just put your targets (small ones, 'cause if you're a sniper... you don't need a big target... right?) in the plastic fork target stands and place them out at varying distances or in different locations on your range or in your woods.  You can use the wood base or just stick them in the ground.  Maybe you can pick-off the five of diamonds without any collateral damage.  

If you end up shooting your target stands, who cares, you can get 150 in a box for $1.98.  Just don't forget to clean up the pieces when you're done... it's polite to clean up after yourself and it's OPSEC.  Oh, and my gal tells me if you want black "tactical" plastic fork target stands... they're available, but it'll cost you a couple of dollars more.

Go ahead and try it... and if you don't like it, you're out... like... five-bucks.

Remember to follow the gun safety rules, check beyond your target, and have fun!


  1. AWESOME! I've never seen targets made like this but I love it! I cn't wait to pull this out on my husband for our next target practice

  2. I've not used the fork stands like that before, but I have used playing cards quite a bit. Usually I'll staple them to a piece of wood and jam that in to the ground. An example of this can be seen at

  3. Great idea, Dann!

  4. Love that idea! I really need to get out and shoot more...