Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Musings... Passing on our mindsets.

Just about every parent wonders if their kids are really paying attention to what you've tried to teach them about life.  The truth is, our kids are watching everything we do.. both good and bad.  Sometimes we hope they learn the good and forget the bad just so they can avoid the mistakes and troubles we've all encountered in life.

My little gal has been taking care of the dogs at our neighbor's farm up the road the last week or so while they're on vacation.  Nobody was supposed to be at the farm while they were away so my daughter was surprised to see a pick-up truck and a couple of men as she pulled off the road and onto their drive yesterday morning.

Now a lot of folks might have just driven on back to see what's up, but my sixteen year-old has been taught, she's observant, she's got the mindset of a sheepdog.  As an unarmed teenager, she didn't just drive up and say, "Hey fellas, what are you doin' here?"  She stopped the car, kept her distance, checked her exit options to make sure she wasn't pinned in on the driveway, and called us with her cell phone.

In the end, it turned out that it was just a couple of guys there to work on point tucking the brick chimney and the neighbors had forgotten to mention that they might be coming by to do some work.  With all the troubles out here in the country these days, it never hurts to be cautious. 

It may not seem like much to you, but for us it's another example of how my daughter really gets all those little things we do and have been teaching her... which is especially important as she's now out and about on her own a lot more and... she doesn't get any Second Amendment rights for self-protection in her vehicle with this state or country until she's twenty-one.

She's smart, observant, trained, and confirms that we're passing on our mindsets.


  1. You have obviously done your job well!

  2. Well done! All of those skills SHOULD come into play even if you have a heater on!


  3. Good for her, that was awesome! Job well done parents and job well done to your girl.

  4. Yep, well done indeed. I know you're one proud dad.

  5. A bit to the party but so very glad to read about how she handled that! Of course, I wonder at her being unarmed. I know, the law, etc.

    But the days are coming when one has to carry the law and the power to demand adherence oneself.

    Still, well done, Sir!!