Friday, December 16, 2011

Ruger LCR... up close and personal

Now I know there are a lot of opinions about which guns are best for concealed carry, but I personally think the best gun for concealed carry is the gun that meets my Rule 2 (Have a reliable gun you can reliably shoot) and that you will carry every day.  Currently, my two every day carry guns are the Ruger SR9c and the Ruger LCR.

I also know there are thoughts out there about switching between different carry guns, but I practice with both of these firearms almost weekly and I've had no problems transitioning between the two.  While I carry the SR9C in a Galco Cop Slot 3 Holster, a Triple K leather Inside the Waist Band (IWB) holster for the LCR from Ruger has been working well for me and doesn't seem to "print" through my clothing.

The LCR has been with the gals and I for about year now and it has around 750 rounds through it, and as I've said before... I don't like to review anything I haven't spent substantial time using.  It shows some wear marks on the cylinder and the already light-feeling double-action trigger seems as smooth as glass.  The Triple-K holster has some wear and scratches, but it has held up well, clips securely over my belt, feels very comfortable against the skin or undershirt, and stays open for quick re-holstering of the LCR if its something your worried about.

The little revolver is extremely light with the polymer grip frame and aluminum main frame with a stainless steel barrel insert.  It is definitely a lot less weight than our Ruger SP101 (I did previously mention I'm a Ruger fan, didn't I?)  While I won't waste your time with photographs of hole-filled targets, I will say that this snubby is as accurate as any snubby I've ever shot off-hand or off the bench.  The recoil with .38 Special +P rounds is very manageable and quick pointing, firing, and follow-up hits on target are no problem... especially for "combat" or self-defense accuracy. 

The grip is made for Ruger by Hogue and has a soft, grip-able surface with dimples on each side and a very soft, almost gel-like backstrap area that takes it easy on the palm and web of your hand while fitting comfortably in my larger hands. This firearm also provides a sure grip when shooting in the pouring rain and cold weather.

The easily indexed cylinder release competently lets the cylinder open for quick checking and reloading.  The significantly fluted cylinder appears well made and up to the task presented by the Winchester PDX1s and Federal Hydrashoks.

Ruger's friction reducing cam trigger system makes for the one of the best out-of-the-box double-action trigger pulls I have ever run across and the cylinder firmly and securely indexes through it's rotation with each pull of the trigger.

This is the first Triple-K holster I've ever carried and it was purchased directly from Ruger.  The LCR fits snuggly in the holster which is molded specifically for the contours of the LCR.  You'll find the LCR's contours, specifically the trigger guard, do not let it share many tightly fit holsters made for the SP101 or S&W J-frames.

The trigger is fully covered, yet the grip is easily available for the shooter drawing the gun.  The stitching and leather seem to be of substantial quality and thickness too.  The extra leather "collar" around the opening keeps the holster open for re-holstering.

(Photograph taken with remote, computer-tethered camera - Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction)
Now five shots of .38 Special +P is not everyone's idea of carrying adequate fire- power, but if you were the bad guy... would you want to be looking at this... the Ruger LCR... up close and personal.


  1. With Ruger's release of the LCR in .22LR today, are you thinking about picking one up as a practice companion to its big brother??

    That LCR .22 would also make a good field/snake gun with rat shot too.

  2. @R-: My main gal already suggested that idea... the .22 LCR was quite a surprise and would make a great, low-cost training and companion to the LCR... and you're right, the .22 LCR with CCI's .22 shotshells would be great on snakes and barn rats...

    Also, I've shot an LCR in .357, but I'm not sure the additional weight with the steel main frame and recoil is worth it over the LCR with .38 Special +P's... The LCR is really easy on the hands with recoil... I imagine the .22 LCR has almost no recoil...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. I love my Reuger LCR .38 Special +P, hubby got tritium night sights for mine. It's my BUG to my S&W 9mm M&P... now, if I can just find the time for more target practice.

  4. This is what I carry and love it! I've heard all the slack about it not being powerful enough and blah, blah, blah. But you know what I don't care. I like for my own reasons of being compact and light wieght. I carry it every day, they don't.

    And like you said... "but if you were the bad guy... would you want to be looking at this... the Ruger LCR... up close and personal." thoughts exactly!

  5. nice review, i've actually been considering the LCR in 357 as a backup to my gp100 - although in the summer it might become the primary carry as hot as it tends to get

  6. Thanks for the review, The Ruger LCR in .357 Magnum is definetly the best choice.

  7. .38 JHP +p will hit hard enough, I've seen it put down a feral hog in full charge, it'll drop a man.

  8. i have both the 22 and the 38 wrist surgerys make the 22 my weapon of choice loaded with cci stingers it will get the job done.

  9. Thanks, looking for a review of that holster and this fit the bill! Great blog, going to be back!