Saturday, December 24, 2011

Permanently deleting personal data...

While preppers and survivalists are definitely concerned with digital OPSEC and some folks are worried about privacy or identity-theft in this age of digital data and information... few people actively take appropriate steps to protect themselves.

We recently discarded two older computers.  One was a mini-tower while the other was a laptop.  Before they went out to the road for trash pick-up, the gals and I removed the hard-drives.  Now I know there there are many utilities that can perform a Department of Defense (DOD) approved data wipe to "clean" the digital information from the hard-drives... but out here in the country, we have a simple utility that works just as well and is a lot more fun.

First, we make sure our utility is properly configured to permanently delete the data from the hard-drive.  An approximately half-inch group, three-quarters of an inch low at fifty yards from the prone position seems like a good configuration.  Nothing a little Kentucky windage won't correct on a .223 utility originally configured at a hundred yards.

Since this utility for permanently deleting data isn't approved by the manufacturer, the gals and I figure that we're probably going to void the warranty... but then again, I think the warranty already expired a while back.

After running the utility for a few minutes, the digital data on the hard-drive has been rendered permanently unrecoverable.  In this case, our utility was a Ruger MKII Stainless Steel All-Weather bolt-action rifle in .223 Remington loaded with Federal V-Shok .223 cartridges with 40-grain Nosler Ballistic Tips which work really well with with the one-in-twelve twist-rate.  In addition to data on hard-drives, it also seems to permanently delete groundhogs.

So, before you just throw away that old computer... take out the hard-drive, stop on by, and we'll be glad to help you with permanently deleting personal data...


  1. That's a great way to both delete your data and vent your frustration for every time the computer crashed while you needed to get something done at the same time.

    I delete my data on obsolescent computers in a similar manner, but tend towards using an Uzi for automatic data deletion.

  2. Awesome! Do we need to make an appointment first? Happy Holidays to you and the gals

  3. Having used the AR15 FMJ utility for this same pupose I can recommend the system.

  4. I have the cheapest and most satisfying tool to safely delete my hard drive info with extreme enjoyment and knowing that it safely taken care of - my trusty 10 pound hammer, that is after I have removed those nice magnets inside - lol!

    Keep up with the articles I thoroughly enjoy them - South African fan