Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raising a Country Girl

Raising a daughter sure isn't an exact science and it's not like shooting trap or skeet where if you miss a few things, you can just shoot another round.  Time with my daughter seems to be running out far too quickly these days.  She is sixteen and now has her driver's and motorcycle license so she really doesn't need mom or dad to chauffeur her around much any more.

In another year she'll probably be taking the option of attending college full-time during her senior year of high school as our small rural school doesn't have a lot more to offer her in terms of courses.  While I'm sure she's ready, I'm not sure ol' dad is ready to be done with raising this gal.

Being married to a smart, determined, sassy, redhead... we developed a simple philosophy that guides raising our daughter:  We're trying to raise a Christian daughter who wants a man in her life, but never needs a man in her life.  I think it's working out fairly well so far, but you never really know until it's too late and there are no do-overs in this game.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: 
and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
~Proverbs 22:6

Our country girl can sew and shoot, cook and change oil, dance and dirtbike.  She's humble with all that she's blessed with and takes pride in what SHE accomplishes.  She gives of herself and her time, as her parents both do, and she's compassionate towards others, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's tolerant if you can understand the difference.

Someday when she chooses a man to spend the rest of her life with... I hope it will be out of love and want, not desperation or need.  Her expectations for men due to her raising may limit potential opportunities, but I'm sure there are still Christian men in this world who are manly men, who want a partner not a servant, who desire a woman of passion, intelligence, and common sense.

We've tried to do our best to give her every opportunity within our means while teaching her to make her own opportunities, but time will tell as this is our first and only attempt at raising a country girl.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a fine job! My parents raised me pretty much the same way as you are with your daughter. One minute I am at a 4-H meeting...then off to ballet class...then off to the woods hunting with my Dad. All through high I had made the decision that I would not get married or have kids until I was 30. I did not want to get married because "that is what all girls did" after high school. I wanted to live life and experience the world. THAT'S when my parents questioned "did we raise her TOO independent?" hahah.

  2. Good job, if she can stand on her own two feet (and I believe you've trained her to do that), then she will be successful and you won't have to worry (anymore than normal) :-)

  3. +1
    I too am trying to raise a daughter as such,(ex wife not much help, trying to sissify her) Babysitting, cheerleading at mom's,
    Archery, Hunting, Motorcycle chick at dad's. (has informed me that a motorcycle before her convertible Mustang would be just fine ;) )
    As for helping others, I include her in our Scouting projects and PGR rides.
    She is one well-rounded, tuff, compassionate young woman.
    From the sounds of it, we will not have to be the dads 'cleaning' guns at the kitchen table when our daughters bring home that special guy, as SHE will be the one he'll need to fear!

  4. Sleepless nights. Worry and wonder. They'll make mistakes and enloy successes. They make us cry and cheer and even cringe on occasion. But when all is done they will also remember. The lessons. The wisdom. The love. And one day, when you're least expecting it you'll hear them tell you how much they appreciate all you did and how much they learned from you and you'll know it was all worth it.