Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Country Games and Redneck Math

Folks around here like to play games and compete just as much as city folks, but we do it a little different in the country.  Farmers and country folks ride tractors in rodeos, crash combines in demolition derbies, hold semi-pro mailbox batting practice at midnight, chase greased pigs, jack up trucks, and some barnyard engineer even put some corn in a cloth sack and challenged his buddy to see who could throw it though a hole in an old board out by the chicken coop.

Redneck Math Lesson 147: Corn + Hole = Cornhole

If ya'll are gonna play cornhole, you need a set of corn bags and cornhole boards that preferably express the same philosophical insights as your favorite hat and t-shirt.  I built a new set of cornhole boards this summer and decided to honor one of my favorite gun manufacturers... besides, they match my hat and t-shirt.

Now you never quite know when the zombies or the golden hoards are going to come by and want to go head-to-head with you, so I made tactical cornhole boards.  Painted tactical flat-black with fold-out bipod support, they're enhanced with a red-dot sighting system that allows for precision shot placement.

So any time you think you can handle the recoil from something with a six-inch bore, stop on by and play a game.


  1. Wait, combine demolition derbies? I mean, sure, cars, and hey, tractors of the lawnmowing size are awesome, but combines? I'm not sure I'd want to be near the... oh, heck, gimme a lemonade and let me watch from the nosebleed seats in the stands. This oughta be good!

    Nice boards - though the holes look small enough it seems you'll need a pretty good throwing arm - what's the clearance on that bore?

  2. too funny! wanted to come by and say thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving a comment. really appreciate it! happy cornholing to you and yours! :)