Saturday, August 6, 2011

Check out my gal's new rack!

While we have some significant food storage and rotation in our home, the only pantry in our kitchen is a fairly small one next to the refrigerator.  When we moved in years ago, there were five non-adjustable shelves that didn't seem to be the right size or height for anything my wife wanted to arrange on them.  One of our summer projects was tearing out the original shelves and installing some adjustable shelving.

While looking around the local home improvement stores, my gal decided she liked the Rubbermaid Wire Closet Shelving System at Lowes.  The new shelves allow her to adjust the number, size, and height to her liking in our small kitchen pantry.  I noticed some angled shelf brackets designed to hold shoes in closets.  We decided to install some of these "shoe" shelves to use as forward-slanted racks for our canned goods to help keep things organized in our food rotation system.

So after some priming, painting, and installation... feel free to check out my gal's new rack!

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