Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recycling: Redneck Style.

I've always said the secret to a good marriage is to marry a woman who loves God, likes guns and motorcycles as much as you do, and has a tolerance for all things John Deere.  I'm blessed with a wife who has her priorities straight.  She appreciates a healthy family, debt-free living (or as close as we can get), a new or old gun, an evening or weekend motorcycle ride, an afternoon shooting, a good book or movie, an afternoon nap, or a gift from the heart more than most things money could buy.  This is a good thing because I ain't much more than an "edukated redneck" who tries to provide for my family, which brings me to recycling: redneck style.

Some folks think recycling is sorting and hauling off your garbage for a few cents or to save the earth, but recycling for me can mean a lot of different things.  Occasionally, I'll run across some items that I can recycle into something useful like my red scoops I make from plastic STP Gas Treatment bottles.

We recycle almost all of our cans out back on the shooting range.  I still have buckets of brass from the range out back that came from others shooting with us who didn't want their old brass and it's in sizes we don't reload so I'm still thinking about how to recycle it.  This is all to say that this year for Mother's Day (a little late, but it's the thought that counts - right?), my friend - Farmer Phil - and I made the wives some redneck daisies for their porches and yards.

Haul out an old, rusty rotary hoe that was way back in Phil's woods, gather up some old rusty pipe and field-disk blades, find a few cultivator shovels... pile it in the barn... get out the grinders, cut-off saw, and welder... apply a little spray paint... and "Sha-Bang!"  Old farm implements recycled into Redneck Daisies... and a wife who appreciates them.

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