Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gun Benches and Gun Rooms...

Our barn is a terrific place for us to work and stay out of the weather.  We've acquired a fair bit of various wood, metal, and mechanic shop equipment and tools over the years, but unfortunately at this point in time... the ol' barn isn't heated which makes year 'round use, especially when it's below freezing, not very practical.

The house we're blessed with is a nice Cape Cod style home with an attached garage, but no basement.  When we purchased it from the previous owners, it had two bedrooms and two full bathrooms down stairs along with two bedrooms, a "bonus" room, and an unfinished bathroom upstairs.  With just the three of us, the gals and I decided we didn't need to finish the third bathroom upstairs... hmmm, what to do with that eight by nine foot room?  Why that could be our gun room.

On the right side, we put in a Gorilla Rack workbench we had found on sale which provided a fairly solid four-foot wide by two-foot deep work surface for cleaning, maintenance, and gunsmith-type work.  We put in some shelving to keep all the NRA course and 4H Shooting Sports materials, records, and information organized.  In the back, we installed some large, wall-to-wall shelves to hold larger items such as gun cases and that keeps us from banging our brains on the hip-roof.  We keep the guns in our gun safes.

Rounding up the usual suspects found on many gun benches... a good supply of various oils, solvents, greases, thread-lockers, stains, cold-blues, tools, and other necessities are stored above and below the workbench.  Any heavy vise, drill press, grinding, or cutting work still requires a trip to the barn.

We installed a large section of peg board on the left side to use hooks and shelves to hold all kinds of accessories, holsters, books, DVDs, and other odds-n-ends.  Our mobile reloading bench and with accessories and some ammunition storage are parked over there too.

The mobile reloading bench allows us to roll it out in our smaller space and we can work by ourselves or more than one of us can sit on various sides to complete different tasks.   There are two Lee presses on one side, a powder drop on one side, and the RCBS Chargemaster for precision reloading.  Over the years, we've reloaded thousands of rifle and pistol cartridges, but haven't moved to a progressive press yet... maybe a Dillon is in our future.  We're always looking for new and better ways to keep our shooting, reloading, and firearm work more efficient and better organized.  I recently noticed a nice bench setup over at When The Balloon Goes Up.

We've come along way since my near-death experience quite a few years back when I spilled some Hoppe's Number 9 on the dining room table while cleaning a gun.  I'm sure plenty of you have some terrific places, benches, rooms, and ideas to keep your boom-sticks in working order... so help a guy who is always looking to improve...

Show us your Gun Benches and Gun Rooms...


  1. This would be heaven for my son and husband. They have rather taken over the laundry room, which is quite big....but still!

  2. Consider a propane fueled salamander heater for the barn. Don't even consider a kerosene model, unless propane isn't available.


  3. Done! Here is mine!

  4. @Will... thanks for the suggestion...

    @Keads... Thanks! I'm always interested to learn and see the ideas and things other folks have done...

    Dann in Ohio

  5. It's a helluva man-cave! My garage is also cold and distant, so even though I turned it into a Garage-Mahal I don't get much work done out there in the wrong season. And so I'm reminded that I've been negligent and need to get back to my reloading bench and stuff some brass!