Saturday, September 17, 2011

PACT Club Shot Timer 3

Years ago I'd be riding the motorcycle on a lonely stretch of highway and look down only to realize that the speed limit wasn't keeping up with me.  These days, while cruising the back roads on a lazy afternoon, I'll look down at that tell-tale needle only to see that I'm thumping along at ten miles-per-hour below the speed limit.  Sometimes it is hard to accurately judge your speed.

When it comes to shooting, there are really two quantitative ways to tell if you are improving... the first is where those projectiles are hitting on the intended target and the second is how quickly the shooter can get those projectiles in the right place on the intended target.  Whether you are just trying to improve your own shooting or you are practicing for SASS, IPDA, USPSA, 3-Gun, or some other shooting activity... a good, reliable shot timer is a necessity.

We purchased a PACT Club Shot Timer 3 a couple of years back from MidwayUSA to replace our previous shot timer which took one to many bounces off hard surfaces.  I had researched various shot timers and tried a few different models at 4H, SASS, IDPA, and other events, but I kept coming back to the PACT.  It's very easy to use.  We usually just push the GO button and don't mess with many of the other features and even my little gal has no problem clipping it on her belt to check her shot times.

The PACT Club Shot Timer 3 is an updated version of a classic that seems to be the standard for shot timers around these parts.  It is easy to use and for folks like us the size, shape, and large buttons work well with gloved hands in colder weather.  It uses a single 9-volt battery and automatically powers down after a few minutes when not in use.

There are two timing modes for recording shot times.  The first is INSTANT which starts the timer instantly after you press and release the big, green GO button.  The second is DELAY which provides you a delay after releasing the GO button so you can easily time yourself.  There is a very loud and clear BEEP when the timing starts.

You can easily press the RVW button and review the time for each shot or see the splits by using the ARROW keys below the GO and RVW buttons.  There is also the ability to set a PAR time so if you're trying to get something accomplished in, say, three-seconds... you can have the timer let you know when your time is up.

While some might feel this shot timer is a little bulky, we find it is easy to hold, easy to use, and so far it has been reliable in various weather conditions (although it is not weather-proof).  Also, we haven't had any trouble with it "hearing" .22LR shots at 4H Shooting Sports events like some other shot timers we've used.

So if you're looking to improve and need some way to know if you're getting better without guessing, the gals and I think you will really like the PACT Club Shot Timer 3.


  1. Looks like something good to have. This summer sort of slipped away but hope the four of us can meet up for a shoot next summer. By then (if not already) the little one is going to be outshooting us all.

  2. Why do you want to time your shots?

  3. @MarkD60: If you compete in IDPA, Cowboy Action, Bowling Pin shoots or other shooting sports where time is a factor, the shot timer allows you to see if you're getting faster...

    You can also use it when you practice drawing your gun for concealed carry. It just gives you a measurement tool to see of you're getting better (speed-wise)... allows me to measure how quick my reloads are - or how slow if I haven't practiced for a week or two...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. I bought the MK III Championship timer/chron years ago. Thier original no BS add showed a guy running over it with a car= no questions asked they would replace it. Mine had several issues in the early years and was sent back numerous times only to fail again in a couple uses. The last problem I had was the buzzer quit and I was told that the parts were no longer available( a buzzer???) and the best they would do is offer 20% off of MSRP(you could buy it cheaper elseware other than factory direct). I told them then that they werent living up to thier much touted warranty and even asked to talk to Ronin, the owner. He would never talk with me, so I never spent another dime with that poor excuse of an "American" company. Its been years since I wrote a review for this company but felt it necessary to warn this generation of buyers that they risk loss dealing with PACT.
    Summary: Undependable product and totally worthless customer service and a warranty that is the biggest bucket of BS ever.

    1. @Anon... I can't say much about their service since I've not really had any problems with this timer... it's been over a year since I posted this review and I've had two years of fairly regular use with this product without any problems so far.

      Dann in Ohio