Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Art of the Dynamic Handgun

Part of one of my favorite Bible verses challenges me to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.  As the son of two teachers, the husband of a teacher, and as someone in the education business professionally who is also an NRA and 4H Shooting Sports instructor during the summer and my other off-times... the strive to continually learn and teach is in my DNA. 

I've been to a number of firearm courses over the last thirty years as a former police officer and as a regular citizen.  Good, live instruction in the classroom and on the range is hard to beat, but I've also found a lot of terrific instruction over the years on VHS, DVDs, and even through YouTube.  The first Magpul Dymanics DVD series we purchased was the The Art of the Tactical Carbine (Volume 1) a few years back.  It was well-done, quality instruction, and I had been wanting their series on handguns, so my main gal surprised me last Christmas.

The Art of the Dynamic Handgun DVD series by Magpul Dynamics is a professionally produced, quality, and entertaining set with over seven hours of video.  The first two DVDs focus on handgun fundamentals, progressing into active handgun use in various range and simulated real-life scenarios.  The third DVD covers many aspects of concealed carry handgun operation and selection.  The fourth DVD overviews a variety of topics including holsters, weapon lights, suppressors, ammunition and has previews and out-takes.

Hosted and taught by Chris Costa and Travis Haley, they provided excellent instruction, entertainment, and knowledge from a real course with real people.  They have a mixture of men, women, police, military, and regular folks just like me.  One of the favorite quotes I like is, "Do what works for you 95% of the time".  These two men know their stuff, but they don't dictate that their way or methods are the ONLY way or methods.  They actively help students adapt to their personal abilities and differences to get the most out of their training.

These guys focus on real-world, fundamental, down-to-earth skills.  There's no mall ninja, back-flipping, bullet work... just good, solid fundamentals.  Even Travis Haley's father participates with his wheel-gun.  I've taken a lot away from these DVDs, now having watched them twice all the way through.  I've applied and tried many of the techniques out back on the shootin' porch and range behind the barn.  For fifty-bucks, it's hard to beat the instruction, quality of production, and entertainment of Costa and Haley in The Art of the Dynamic Handgun.

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