Sunday, July 10, 2011

A little less talk and a lot more action.

If you're a little less country and a bit more rock-n-roll, Elvis would have said, "A little less conversation, a little more action please."  When I started this blog, I decided to focus on writing about some of my favorite things in life. My intent is to generate original content of things that interest me and if any of you find something useful, all the better. While my goal is to post at least twice each week, I've got far too many other irons in the fire to make this a daily gig... and I like to spend a lot of time with my gals and shooting.

Since we are both in the teaching business, summer is a great time for my family to catch up on the many things that may have been shoved to the back burner all year.  I also serve on the county 4H committee and volunteer, along with my wife, as an advisor for our county's 4H Shooting Sports club. This week is our county fair and that keeps my gals and I pretty busy for seven days straight.  I'm very proud of my (just turned sixteen) daughter who took first in Senior Rifle during the pre-fair 4H Shooting Sports judging at our local gun club and range. She heads to the Ohio State Fair in August.

One of the other things I've been working on this summer is improving the hardware on our shooting range out back behind the barn.  I'm blessed with a wife who loves to shoot too, so getting the OK to put a covered, concrete firing line on the back of our barn when it was built a few years ago was pretty easy.  We call it the "shootin' porch".  It's great for having fun and regular practice with our firearms and bows, making some noise with shootin' buddies, introducing shooting to folks, or teaching the occasional NRA Basic Pistol/Ohio "CCW" course.

Over time we keep making improvements to the range here and there, mostly improving upon things to shoot at, practice with, and improve our skills.  My gal gave me (us) a Do-All Automatic Trap a couple of years back for our anniversary and it sure beats cocking that manual-reset trap.  We've also acquired some large plastic barrels to set up various scenarios.  We're not quite to Hickok45's target collection, but I've been welding up some new brackets and stands for some steel targets we've been trying out and I'll have a full post on those in the near future.

So until then, enjoy your summer, shoot safe, and if you're squeezing in a motorcycle ride here and there like we do, ride safe too!

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