Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fair Food and Fixin's.

It doesn't really matter what kind of food you like or what diet you're on, out here in the country during fair week it is your patriotic duty to partake of the fair food.  It may be over-priced, over-sweetened, and/or over-cooked, but mmmmm-mm, once a year it sure is good.

Where else can you get a more battered-up, deep-fried, salt-spreaded, cheese-slathered, ketchup-covered, high-dollar cholesterol boost than at the county fair? Besides, at these prices we'll be stimulating the economy faster than the BATF can move guns into Mexico.

You can get Hobo Steaks, Tacoritos, Corn Dogs, Coney Dogs, Chili Dogs, Chicken Burgers, Pork Nachos, Fried Cheese, Blooming Onions, and just about any deep-fried vegetable or critter you can imagine. Not a whole lot of cuisine for vegans and most of the vegetarians at the fair are on four-legs in various pens around the fair grounds.

If the more traditional chicken and steak sandwiches are not really what you're looking for, and since it's five o'clock somewhere, we always have some intoxicated poultry on hand.

When you're finished and need something a little bit soothing for your sweet tooth, there's cotton-candy, flavored and shaved-ice, ice-cream, home-made pie, funnel-cakes, elephant ears, and of course my favorite - caramel-candied apples.

Oh, don't forget to visit the animal exhibits at the fair to catch a glimpse of next year's fair food.

Ya'll come back, ya hear!

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