Monday, February 10, 2014

Hothands Hand Warmers by HeatMax

We've had one of the colder winters this year that I can remember in recent years. After about two hours on the outdoor shooting range this past Saturday with some good folks taking my NRA Basic Pistol/Ohio CCW course with a high temperature in the twenties... everyone was ready to thaw out back in the classroom.

Gloves for those who don't have the right kind for shooting or aren't used to shooting with gloves on... can be a hassle... or even a safety hazard... so many just shot without gloves. To help my students out with the cold hands on cold steel and polymer guns, I provided some Hothands Hand Warmers.

You can pick these products up in various shapes and sizes for hands and feet, but the gals and I usually keep a pretty good stock of the Hand Warmer variant. You just tear open the foil packet exposing the inner packet to air... shake it around a bit to expose the packet's ingredients to the the oxygen in the air... and it heats up and keeps generating heat for up to ten hours.

We've used them for years and while I've had them keep generating heat for several hours... I timed it one time in the hunting blind waiting on a big buck that never came by and it ran out of heat after about six and a half hours. They do generate heat, so if you drop a pair in your boots, do it on the outside of your socks or you'll find your feet getting too hot... almost burning hot.

I've used battery-powered warmers in boots and gloves over the years, but the ease of use, low cost, and safe-to-use nature of these warmers make them convenient and reliable. If you need to keep your extremities warmed on a bitter-cold day or if you gal just needs to keep her hands warm... you might consider keeping some of these handy... Hothands Hand Warmers by HeatMax


  1. Pick up some of the toe warmers. They have adhesive and can be stuck to a long sleeve over the inside of your wrist - warm the blood flowing there. Also they now have an insole heat pad. Haven't tried them yet but I picked up a few pairs.

    The shelf life is something like 4 years so I grab a bunch when I get them. They are sort of like bags of ice melter - if you wait until you need them to go get some everyone else will have beaten you to them and cleaned out the store.

  2. These are a favorite of my son and husband!

  3. I used them at the HaH 3 Gun match in December when it was absolutely frigid and snowing. They were great. I don't think I'd have been able to even shoot the match without them. Recommended.