Thursday, June 13, 2013

Puttin' guns in the hands of kids...

I am the pro gun-control mindset's worst nightmare.  For literally decades, I have worked tirelessly, dedicating thousands of hours and dollars to put guns and training in the hands of as many men, women, and CHILDREN as possible!  That's right folks, I'm puttin' guns in the hands of kids.

Most of you who follow the gals and I here at God, Gals, Guns, Grub know education is our business, our profession, our passion, our past-time... we are life-long learners helping others learn life-long.  I'm an NRA Training Counselor and Ohio CCW instructor, 4H Shooting Sports instructors, concealed carry license holder, and work with educating kids about firearms in several venues.

This week we're wrapping up the annual Shotgun Camp for youth ages nine to eighteen at our local gun club where I serve on the Board of Directors as chair of the youth committee.  That's right, we're handing out shotguns to dozens of kids this week and teaching them about firearm safety and skilled shooting with the bang of a 20 or 12 gauge... oh, and by the way... the sound of a pump action shotgun doesn't make them shake in their shoes... but it sure puts a smile on their face.

Now I have to say, these kids are pretty smart... in fact, they're smarter than most teachers and school administrators with graduate degrees who can't distinguish between a Lego gun, a Nerf gun, and a real gun.  These kids know the difference. 
"I mean, if we don't think our kids can tell the difference in the danger or threat of a toy Lego gun and a real gun... or getting run over by a toy Hot Wheels car in the sandbox verses being flattened by a 4,000 pound SUV in the street... we have failed our future generations to the point that we have set this nation and society on a course for complete failure and submission to our enemies." ~Dann in Ohio
We demonstrated the power of a shotgun and they've seen several watermelons, coconuts, and wallboard "walls" meet their demise so they know the difference between birdshot and buckshot.  One kid saw the first watermelon explode upon being shot and exclaimed, "THIS is better then the Walking Dead!"  Now do I think he's going to run around shooting Zombies... no, because that kid knows better... he knows the difference between reality and TV... he knows more than most school principals and boards of education with their zero-tolerance stupidity.

Teach your kids to shoot, whether you do it or you have a competent instructor do it. It may save their lives someday... but more than that... it may save our freedoms, nation, and society... if from nothing else... at least from zero-tolerance stupidity.

...and that's why I'm... Puttin' guns in the hand of kids...

PS: Saturday, June 15, 2013 is National Take your Daughter to the Range Day... so what are you waitin' for?


  1. I think I've said it before here, and I'll say it again....AWESOME! Although, now that I think about it, I believe my response last time was more along the lines of "FRIKKIN AWESOME!"

  2. Thank you for the good work sir.

  3. Well said Dann. I'm introducing both my grandkids to shooting during their upcoming visit. Frankly, if we were closer I'd snivel at you to help me out but I'll do the best I can. We're starting them with my 77/22 and Lu's MKII. I'll do a write up afterward.

    1. @Six... those are great guns to start kids with... lookin' forward to the write-up...

      Dann in Ohio