Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Inforce WML-HSP Weapon Mounted Light

When I began looking for a weapon light for my recent and ongoing Ruger Mini-14 Tactical project, my first thought was to try a Streamlight TLR-1s since the gals and I have several of those mounted on our firearms. The Streamlight TLR-1s has a lot going for it, as I mentioned in my previous review, and it now comes with 300 lumens of lighting power standard, but... to have good momentary control... with the switch in a convenient location... you need to use a remote switch.

The Inforce WML-HSP Weapon Mounted Light was developed with specs provided by Travis Haley and Haley Strategic Partners. It is a momentary-on-only light system that is only on when you press the switch.  The most significant difference between this model and the other Inforce Weapon Mounted Lights is that instead of 125 lumens of light... this model cranks out 200 lumens.

The WML-HSP offers a claimed ninety minutes of run-time off a single 123A Lithium battery and while I have not timed ours, I would say that we had a good two hours of on and off light-on time while shooting one evening before needing to replace the battery. That is the sacrifice you will make for 200 lumens and one battery verses the 125 lumen model with a claimed run-time of two hours, or ten hours on low power.

We mounted our WML-HSP in the ten-eleven o'clock position on the Ruger Mini-14 Tactical rifle with an Amega Mounts rail and it seem to be in a very ergonomic and natural position. The switch is easily operated momentarily with your off-hand thumb while allowing you to maintain a solid, fairly forward off-hand grip on the rifle. The light appears to be well made from polymer in tactical black.  Mounted and removing the light is very easy with the grooved/knurled tightening screw that locks the mount in place on the rail. 

One nice feature is the flip-up switch guard that protects the light's switch from being accidentally pressed like when it is in a soft case. The switch is rubber and appears to be well sealed since this light is supposed to be waterproof to a depth of sixty-six feet. I didn't test this light underwater, but it has been mounted and on while shooting quite a bit in the rain this spring. It doesn't seem to notice the cold, rain, or recoil of 5.56 rounds.

The design of the WML-HSP allows for tight, compact, and trim low-profile mounting and at only three ounces with a battery, you'll hardly notice it is there.  At just over a c-note in cost on the street, you can pick one up relatively inexpensively. We've also tried the light on our Ruger SR-556c in the nine o'clock position and found it worked pretty well there too. We purchased ours from US Elite Gear a while back, our first purchase from this veteran-owned company, and we were very pleased with the pricing and quick shipping.

If you're looking for a top-quality, light-weight bad-guy-blinder... check out the Inforce WML-HSP Weapon Mounted Light.

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