Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pill Pouches for shooting and prepping...

My wife has some terrific ideas... there, I said it with my manhood still intact. Actually, she's a pretty bright gal.  She had bought me some Pill Pouches from the pharmacy in the local Wally World a while back. That's really just a fancy name for little, plastic "zip-lock" bags that work really well for a variety of tasks.

They're less than two bucks per package of fifty and have almost endless possibilities for a variety of uses.  Pill Pouches fit in your wallet, purse, shooting bag, pocket, or any other place you want a small, moisture-proof, resealable package that can be used for a lot more than just pills.

If you want to put sets of your daily vitamins and supplements in your pocket, BOB, GHB, or keep some in your vehicle... they work great for that too. You can also create you're own little travel-size bags of medications.  They also work for making little snacks for you or the kids while keeping portions controlled and calories in check. Going swimming? Put a few dollars in a Pill Pouch, seal it and tuck it in your bathing suit... it will keep your cash high and dry.

I use them for keeping small gun parts and sets of replacement parts together, organized, and protected from moisture. They also work great for when I'm working up a new load like the ones I use for varmint hunting. I often create sets of five-rounds with incremental differences in powder charges between the sets to then test fire, chronograph, and check accuracy from a bench-rest position. The white labeling area makes it easy to write down specifics and then keep my cartridges separate and clearly marked for record-keeping and safety.

So if you want a handy little idea that has lots of practical uses... you can thank my gal... and pick up some... Pill Pouches for shooting and prepping...


  1. I like those. Most of the "preparedness" stuff we have around the house is actually just regular stuff that would be good in a pinch.

    These pouches could be called "tactical" and sold for five times the price online....

  2. Thrilled to have found this site, and the product you mentioned has many good uses...can't wait to pick some up!

    Abundant blessings to you and yours,

  3. Excellent idea! Mr. B. has one of those "seal a meal" things for storing food and he gave me some .45 in it that's as water tight as it can be made. Perfect for throwing in a camping pack or emergency kit.