Monday, November 5, 2012

Hot scrambled eggs in a cast iron pan.

Farmall and John Deere... Smith & Wesson and Winchester... like many names long associated with quality and longevity, a lot of country folks are familiar with names like Griswold and Wagner in the kitchen.  Those last two are just some of the names associated with quality cast-iron cookware.  I've always loved cooking on cast iron whether on the modern electric stove, the ol' Coleman camping stove, or over a fire... and you can't hardly wear out a good cast iron skillet, pan, or pot.

My good friend Matt over at Jerking the Trigger shares my admiration of quality cookware cast with iron and recently sent me a Number Three cast-iron pan he restored using electrolysis... which, by the way, is just the right size for those small meals for one or cooking something on the side for the family.  The cast-iron is the same, but granny's lard and butter are gone and extra virgin olive oil keeps things slick and healthy.  I'm not sure what the difference is between virgin and extra virgin, but I'm guessin' it may be like the difference between pregnant, a little bit pregnant, and extra pregnant.

Now aside from liking my eggs scrambled with bacon, there are just about as many ways to make scrambled eggs as there are reasons for why the chicken crossed the road.  I start off with fresh, grade "A" eggs, whip'em up with a dash of milk and Tabasco sauce, pour it in the pan on low to medium heat, then sprinkle on some mild or sharp shredded cheddar cheese.  Dust a bit of fresh ground, black pepper on top as you work the eggs and then toss on a pinch or two of salt.  Slide those scrambled eggs onto a plate next to some crispy strips of bacon and you've got a protein pizzazz to start off your day just right.

When you're up before the sun enjoying that cold, fresh air in the huntin' blind or tree stand... nothin' wraps it up like sayin' grace and a breakfast of... Hot scrambled eggs in a cast iron pan.


  1. Nothing like cooking in cast iron. I use it all the time.

  2. Heh. Digging around in our camping gear this weekend, seeing what we have and what we need (the "have" list is, unfortunately, a LOT smaller than the "need" list), found our 10" cast-iron skillet! Needs the tender caress of a brillo pad, but otherwise, its all good! Needless to say, that got set aside in our SHTF pile...I'll have to carry it, but the weight will definitely be worth it.

  3. That is so true. We cook in nothing but Cast Iron. I had neighbors, nice young yuppie couple, moving out for the big McMansion home. Carefully set on a box at the garbage collection when they left, was two pieces of cast iron cookware. BOTH an expensive brand, both looking new, but both rusted. One was a big piece you could cook bacon, eggs and pancakes over a couple of burners. Apparently they cooked in it and then ran it through the dishwasher a couple of times trying to get it "clean".

    We rescued it, cleaned it properly and seasoned it. OK, dumpster diving it may be, but that was some quality castiron being put in the trash simply because they had no clue what it was or how to clean it.

    1. @Brigid... I've been there before... when I heard about the show American Pickers on the History Channel... I thought maybe someone had been following me around with a video camera for the last forty years...

      I'm always amazed, especially at the suburbanites, that throw away good stuff due to their lack of knowledge or basic repair skills...

      Dann in Ohio