Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tracks, slugs, blinds, and my dear...

It seems like fall is here so early this year, or maybe the drought just has the leave's dropping early 'round here.  The farmers started harvesting corn the first week of September, although it's not much of a harvest for many of them.  The deer are going to find the same slim pickin's as the rut and winter approach over the next couple of months.


Here in Ohio, you can't use a modern, center-fire rifle to hunt deer... so a bow, crossbow, black powder firearm, or a shotgun with slugs are your choices.  I use one of our Mossberg 500s with a twenty-four-inch rifled barrel with a cantilevered scope mount to hunt deer during gun season 'round here.  This year I've sighted that gun in with some Winchester Partition Gold 385 grain 12 gauge sabot slugs in two-and-three-quarter inch shells.  They seem to keep a fairly tight group at a hundred yards.

There's been a lot of fresh deer tracks in the field behind the barn and I've seen a nice eight-point buck at our mineral block twice now, but the dry season has left the deer plot in pretty bad shape.  I picked up a new ground blind, the Brickhouse, from Ameristep.  My lil' gal and I set it up in the barn this weekend.  It seems well built for a hundred bucks.  I think I'm going to locate it along the north side of our property, plus the neighbor and I still have our redneck, deer huntin' tree house we built behind his pond to use.

Speakin' of my lil' gal, she looked beautiful with her friends as they headed off in a group to the fall homecoming dance this past Saturday night.  Guess she ain't so lil' anymore.  The local football team slam-dunked their opponent 77 to 6 to remain undefeated after our small-town pick-up truck, er, I mean homecoming parade Friday night.  That might not mean much to you folks, but football is about all that tops huntin' season each fall in these parts.

I hope that eight-pointer comes back in a few weeks when hes done chase tail... and that's about what's up here at God, Gals, Guns, and Grub these days... Tracks, slugs, blinds, and my dear...

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  1. Dan, some of what you're saying here sounds familiar; I wasn't able to start hunting until I was 18 and no longer playing football in the fall. But other things not so much. In the areas that I hunt here in Washington there is no sitting sitting still in a blind, there's a lot of hiking all day over pretty open hills and long shots. I had never heard of putting a scope on a shotgun and hunting deer with it until my cousin moved to Michigan. I'd love to see a picture of your 500