Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wheeler Engineering Universal Bench Block

If you've ever disassembled your firearms much beyond what is necessary for basic cleaning and maintenance, especially when it requires pushing or punching out a pin, or if you've needed to adjust or drift the sights on your gun... you've probably wished you had a third hand and two extra fingers.  You can always use a vise if you're careful not to damage your firearm, but nothing beats the utility of a good bench block.

My first bench block about thirty years ago was a six-inch long piece of two-by-four with a couple of holes drilled in it to punch out pins.  Eventually, I made a nice oak bench block with various holes drilled for punching out pins and a groove I routed into it to set and hold a slide in place while I worked on it.  Well, a couple of years back I picked up the Wheeler Engineering Universal Bench Block.

This bench block is made of a tough, non-marring, non-scratching polymer that has held up well to quite a bit of regular use.

While it has a lot of features designed specifically for working on the 1911... which is good as it seems a smooth running 1911 needs fairly regular maintenance... many of the grooves, holes, and other molded features work well on other firearms that I've worked on such as Ruger, Glock, S&W, and many others.

A good gunsmithing vise is always handy if you have a regular or dedicated workbench, but this handy little bench block can go right into your range bag and be used on the go.

So if you find yourself needing a third hand or driving a pin or punch into the palm of your hand while working on your firearms, you might consider picking up a... Wheeler Engineering Universal Bench Block.

On a side note... blogging might be light this next week or so due to my surgery.

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