Sunday, April 8, 2012

This broke-tail mutt ain't worth it...

We happen to have two dogs in the family.  Ruger is our pure-bread German Shepherd with both German and Czech blood-lines.  He's a magnificent fellow, and all you would expect from a well-bred, well-raised dog.  Our other dog is Sasha...

After our last Husky passed a couple of years ago, the gals wanted another dog again pretty quick, so we decided to visit the county humane society.  Our area was and still is having it harder than most with this rough economy and the shelters and humane societies are overloaded with unwanted dogs.

Now when selecting anything, you usually look for the best qualities that... forget it... we came home with the sorriest, four-month old pup that had been born in another shelter, transferred to our county humane society, was scared of it's own shadow, had a broken tail, and looked like a wet rat.

Sasha was scared to even put her feet down on the grass as she had never been beyond concrete and chain-link kennels in her entire, short life.  She took a while to house-break, squatted and pee'd at the sight of strangers - especially men, chewed on everything, and destroyed stuff around the house.  She wasn't much at grooming herself, probably due to having been separated from her mother without any time for weaning, and seemed to find every little spot of water in the yard that she could turn into a mud hole to "waller" around in.

She barks at just about everything non-stop and indiscriminately, unlike Ruger who barks only when something needs barked at and when he does, you'd better go see what it is.  We have to wipe and hose down Sasha constantly, and the back door and kitchen are always a mess needing swept and mopped daily, which is a bit of contention between the gals and myself... I've threatened to part with this mutt on numerous occasions and I've never willingly parted with a dog in my life, but we keep taking care of her and she's developed a pretty good personality.

Now I know dogs and people ain't the same thing, but when I think about how much this mutt annoys me at times, I remember that I can be pretty annoying myself... I know, hard to believe, but just ask the gals.

A day like Easter takes me back to a bit of thinking that, when the church services are over, the prayers said, our Gracious God thanked and honored for the sacrifice of his son's life, the debt on my behalf that Jesus paid...

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
~John 15:13

Sometimes I look in the mirror... stare at myself and wonder why God did it... because I often think... This broke-tail mutt ain't worth it...


  1. It's love.

    Love can't be reasoned out.

    You know?

  2. And I am so grateful on this day that he thinks all us broke tailed dogs are. It is a wonder. Thanks for the words Dann.