Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tactical wear for country folks...

Fashion tips are not typically my area of expertise, but as I see more and more of the tactical clothing going mainstream for concealed carry, practical preppers, couch-potato warriors, and mall-ninja wanna-be's... I thought I might offer some tactical wear fashion tips for country folks or others who may be interested.

Photo by John Vachon, May 1938. Library of Congress
First, I recommend sticking with proven technology.  It's hard to go wrong with bib overalls.  They are versatile, adaptable, and the ideal camouflage for rural, farm, and other country areas.  You'll blend right in among everyone else.

Like any good tactical vest, the bib has plenty of attachment points depending on your daily S.O.P.s and other needs.  The adjustable shoulder straps allow you to customize the positioning while the lower bib protects the abdominal padding (for those of us who've added it around our waist-line) from additional damage.

There's plenty of pockets and accessory pouches for all your tactical gear including flashlights, tools, and even rations (or grub as we call it around here).

Planning ahead for your various daily encounters should include medical and first aid supplies.  I've chosen the combination bandage, tourniquet, dust mask unit in don't-lose-me-red.  If you do have to go all tactical on some criminal element from the city that's wandered out too far into the country... you can also use it as a head-band for the "Rambo" effect.

For those of you concerned about those times when the SHTF, like when our neighbor called after five coyotes showed up about midnight, two nights ago... there is plenty of ammo storage available in the side pockets.

If you're in the market for some new tactical outerwear, you might want to check out Dickies, Carhartt, or Key... as the Hercules and Toughskins bib overalls previously marketed by Sears and Roebuck, Inc. during my youth are no longer available.

So if you're considering any tactical maneuvers, covert ops, or bugging out to the rural, country areas when TEOTWAWKI occurs...  you may want to be prepared in your clothing and outerwear choices.

Next time we'll look at ACUs and MultiCam vs. Coveralls and Realtree... interviewing key players for both the military's perspective and the whitetail deer's viewpoint... when we further discuss... Tactical wear for country folks...


  1. LOL! This type of tactical wear is in heavy use in my area of the nation!

  2. Now that thar is practical tactical. I prefer the Carharts with aprons sewn on in brown of course. Them deer kin see blue like it's dayglo ya know...

  3. That was great Dann. Just what I needed to put a smile on my face!

  4. Amusing and absolutely correct, bib overalls don’t look like “gun chic” outerwear.

  5. Around here its Pointer Brand for tacticool overalls!

  6. @Keads... do those come in Kevlar?

    @Six... glad to help out...