Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Does this make my butt look big?

This is one of those no-win questions a guy never really wants to answer.  If the gal has just put on a terrific dress and inquires... he might get away with something like, "You look beautiful in that dress."  The poor fella is hoping for an answer along the lines of "thanks, honey" and hoping it leads to some hot lovin' later on, but often he gets one of the following responses:

 A. "Well, you didn't say anything about it when I wore it two weeks ago."
 B. "You didn't answer my question."
 C. "Honey... honey? where did he go..."

You see, Eric Clapton can get away with, "You look wonderful tonight." without the standard response of, "Oh, so I didn't look wonderful last night?"  The rest of us usually aren't so lucky.  That is why when discussing butts, I would prefer that we were talkin' bout guns.

I was fortunate enough to recently pick up a Ruger SR1911.  It's a handsome looking gun, and the gals think so too (although I have to admit up front a bias towards anything Ruger).  I don't like giving opinions or reviewing something I haven't had significant experience and time with, but the initial impressions are very good.  I've put a little over 400 rounds through it, mostly 230gr FMJs of Winchester White Box and Federal along with 60 rounds Winchester PDX1.

The Ruger feels about the same as other 1911s I've shot as far as weight and recoil.  I took it right out of the box, visually checked the empty chamber and bore, then started shooting it... so far it has not had one problem.  The trigger release is crisp, but I will adjust the take-up a bit and the sights are by Novak.  I'm also thinking the butt is too big... as the grips are a bit thick/wide for my taste, so I've been thinking about swapping out the grip panels.

The UPS man just left a package yesterday from with a couple of additional stainless, eight-round magazines and a set of black Ruger grips by Hogue with the Ruger insignia on each grip.  They're not that much thinner than the beautiful wood grips that came with the SR1911, but I like the feel better and the wood grips look so good, I hate to scratch'em up.

The 1911 has worn a lot of different grips over the years and I've tried many, but for me, a good set of rubber, checkered grips (molded over nylon cores in the case of the Hogue grip panels) seem to work well and I don't mind roughing them up a bit since I shoot in all kinds of weather conditions.

I think I'll go put those new grips on the SR1911 and see what the wife thinks when I ask her, "Does this make my butt look big?"


  1. Nice! I have not got my hands on the Ruger yet. Looking forward to it.

  2. Yet more good news about the SR1911.

  3. Not to go all Col. Cooper on everyone, but 'stocks'.
    A 1911 is always a fine choice!

  4. Man, I used that line about two-point slings a year ago!

  5. I have a SR1911 purchased about July 2011. Have 600 plus rounds of everything including cast in 4 different sizes and shapes. Love it. Love all my 1911's. Kimber, Colt, SA, Dan Wesson,. The SR is tight, clean, crisp, accurate,and NO FTF's or FTE's. I will put nite sights on it and it will be my carry gun and ride under the seat of the diesel. Merry Xmas everyone.

  6. I'm very interested in the Ruger 1911, I would love to shoot one.

  7. Ruger SR1911 i always the best gun to choose.I would love to shoot with SR1911.

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