Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good friends and good guns

The weather is feeling more like December 1st instead of October 1st today.  Fortunately, the cold, overcast day is less gloomy when a friend stops by to do some shooting out back on the range.  My long-time friend Matt, who I've known since before he was Jerking the Trigger, came over to do some evaluating and tweaking and brought along some shootin' fun.

Now he knows a lot more about ARs and AKs and what makes them run than most folks I know... so it was nice to get a little education, talk guns, compare notes, catch up on how our gals are getting along, and put some rounds down range.

I introduced my old friend to a couple of new Rugers, one .45 and the other furry and four-legged.  I may do a post on the recently acquired Ruger SR1911 down the road, but I really don't like to review something I haven't spent significant time with which is at least a year or two in my view.

One thing is for sure, those Hoosier Bloggers can definitely shoot, even on a cold, wet Ohio day... but regardless of the weather, you can't beat a day spent with good friends and good guns.


  1. Some of your readers [cough,, cough] would really appreciate an initial impression of the SR1911 since it's on the short list of 1911s under consideration for purchase.

  2. Thank you Dann! It was great seeing you.

  3. @Shepherd: I may do that... so thanks for reading the blog and check back from time to time... so far I've personally put 100 rounds of 230gr. FMJ Winchester White Box, 120 rounds of 230gr. FMJ Federals, and 45 rounds of 230gr. JHP Winchester PDX1 without problems or jams - taking the gun right out of the box, no cleaning or dis-assembly yet, just visually checked the bore and started shooting... it is very accurate and mechanically holds tighter groups from the bench than I can by hand...

    While I'm newer to blogging, usually if you see a review or overview of something here, it will be something I have significant experience with as I don't want to throw out an evaluation of something I just picked up and tried once or put 50 rounds through... so I'm working towards a bit more experience with the SR1911... but I will do a post at some point...

    Dann in Ohio